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Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions

Your Configuration, Your Choice of Management. Our Hardware, Network and Reliability!

We build your single-tenant environment using your choice of fully managed dedicated, unmanaged, or virtualized server environments. Access to our tier II experienced support team is always included.

Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions

  • Complete Control with Root Access
  • Layered Security with VPN-Only or IP Filtered Access
  • Dedicated Hardware without Resource Restrictions
  • Always with options for More Power, Flexibility and Security

Why iTristan Media Group Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions?
Whether you need rapid deployment, local or geo-redundancy, automated, self-managed or managed provisioning, we have the experience, infrastructure and managed-build platform ready for your business.

Flexibility to power your Applications

Other providers will rent you raw infrastructure, but we give you as much specialized expertise as you need to run it. Pick a business solution that best fits your needs.

Speed, Agility and Scale

Your business thrives on speed. Not only in your systems, but in your ability and agility in adapting to changing circumstances. Need more space? No problem. Need more CPUs? Fine. Need additional Geographic Coverage? We're good to go.

The TrueCloud Experience

We hear the term "Cloud" all the time, but often don't know what we get in our cloud solution. iTristan Media Group's TrueCloud offers real time server, local and scaleable all the way up to global redundancy solutions so that even data pipeline interruptions won't take your applications down.

Extend your IT with a Partner

Too often, IT Management is overly homogenized into a single-team and location. This can water down the expertise and insight you truly need. Partner with an on-call team at iTristan Media Group. With over 10 years experience in collaborating and assisting on-site IT support our role is to bolster the expertise you have to provide more ROI for your IT and systems budget investment.

Planned Data and Application Architecture

We optimize your system components strategically into Content deployment, Application, Asset and Data Sources to be as scaleable as your growth plans require.

Your System, Your Architecture, Your Deployment

From bare metal, to multi-node redundant application layers, it is up to you the level of Strategic Consultation we provide. We can help you deploy the next enterprise growth phase for your mission critical application or simply set up the hardware for your team. As much insight and help as you like.

Infrastructure to match your system and application needs, not the other way around.
A cloud is not a cloud is not a cloud. Create your own global infrastructure with our expertise. Our team brings years of experience in cloud architecture giving you peace of mind knowing that we know how to manage your cloud. With iTMG, a cloud suits your business model – the level of performance, redundancy, security, and globalization.
Sometimes your application and storage needs are straightforward and your IT team has got it. Sometimes your team has better things to do or the configuration is just more complex and you need to know that someone else has got your back 24/7. That's where we step in.
Taking the idea of Cloud to a whole new level. Performance may be key, but uptime is even bigger. Where redundancy rules iTMG has options for you. Server level, Network Level, and Geographically-Distributed Redundancy are all available options. Deploy your applications on a global scale so that even large scale regional data pipe failures cannot take you down.
PCI comprises a set of policies and procedures aimed to protect personal cardholder information from misuse. These standards were developed by the PCI Security Standards Council which are made up of major credit card companies, American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard and Visa. iTMG has depth and experience with hundreds of customers' hosted systems and applications complying with security and payment standards. We can help you navigate through the complex maze by providing you with out of the box PCI Compliant infrastructure as well as audit compliance solutions that can help reduce the scope and complexity of your compliance efforts.
Risk Management is crucial for your missions critical administrative, financial and operations applications. Two Factor Authentication provides a second tier of lock down to your application access providing significant peace of mind. iTMG provides multiple models to choose from based on the user base, geography, physical access and technology deployment types. Our team consults with your technology department as security partners to determine and make recommendations to bring a balance of security, user friendliness and robustness.

Dedicated Reliability Built to Scale

When you grow, we've got your back. With a plethora of capacity, larger hardware configuration, and additional options to help your service scale, there is no shortage of ways to leverage our team, for your growth.