UPDATE 2020Sep12 : Cheque payment option reopened

Hello all, hope everyone is keeping safe, following your community social distancing measures and keeping your loved ones healthy.

UPDATE: Cheque payment option is available again by request (will not be available as payment option in your account without prior approval). NOTE that lead times are increased from previous 10 business days to 15 due to longer mail sorting times and remote staff-office management times. ie: we're not in the office frequently except for specific administrative requirements. 

Please factor in lead times if you choose to request this option.

As we suspected was going to unfold from last week: we are suspending cheque payment option for the foreseeable future effective immediately

This is a direct consequence of recent government directive mandating non-essential office closure as part of social distancing measures in an effort to flatten the COVID-19 curve. While our physical office building will be open, mail will not be processed during this time, nor will we be receiving or processing physical mail nor holding in person meetings as mentioned last week - as we are working 100% remote for the time being.  

Alternatives to cheque payment

Mentioned in our previous notice on this, most businesses are already on electronic-based payments; for those accounting departments that prefer cheques, we ask that these businesses understand that the government mandate gives us no choice and agree to pay by online methods already in place: credit card, paypal, or EFT/Direct payments. If you need bank direct payment coordinates please submit an Accounts ticket at https://itristanmedia.com/support and we'll be happy to help you get set up.

Thank you everyone, stay safe, help your communities stay safe

-- your iTristan Media Group team

dateTime.saturday, dateTime.september 12, 2020

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