NEW! One-time payment option now available

 Friday, April 19, 2019

We now offer a new payment option for those who want to pay a one-time charge, but not keep their card on file for future payments.

You will now find two options for payment in your chosen currency: "recurring" and "one time".

Recurring is ideal for monthly or other ongoing charges, and you prefer not to have to manually manage each payment every time.

One time is ideal for one-off payments or those who simply prefer to handle each transaction on their own.

Additionally, you can even set your payment preference per product! This means that you could set up a hosting data services account for recurring payments as you know that it's a fixed amount every month on a specific card. But you could have other services or projects set for one-time charges only, because you want to use a different card more manually. More flexible and convenient to manage your cash flow.

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